What Did We Miss?

Athletes compete in Wisconsin cornhole tournament

  • Wisconsin held their annual cornhole championship.
  • Chicago Cubs organist, Gary Pressey, has broken Cal Ripken Jr’s record for consecutive games played.
  • A man’s home was broken into and cleaned.

LAPD arrests scooter-riding burglary crew

  • A crew of burglars uses rideshare scooters.
  • An artist sells the 1997 Kentucky Derby winner’s poop in a jar.
  • 4 teams of seniors citizens compete in the “Granny Basketball Tournament”

Man assaults coworker for spoiling Avengers

  • The “Easter Bunny” got involved in a street fight.
  • A Domino’s employee assaulted his coworker for spoiling Avengers: Endgame.
  • A new business allows customers to smash objects to relieve stress.

Scientists use animal tissue to create lab-grown meat

  • At 6-years-old, DJ Arch Jnr is the world’s youngest DJ.
  • Scientists are creating lab-grown meat.
  • The Louvre is offering a chance to spend the night.

Nothing. We missed nothing.