What Did We Miss?

Craigslist ad posted for prosthetic leg found at liquor store

  • Lawrence University staged a water opera in a pool.
  • A woman posts a Craigslist ad for a found prosthetic leg.
  • The town of Story, Indiana is now for sale.

Man steals $122M from Facebook and Google by asking for it

  • A man stole from tech giants by sending them false invoices.
  • A woman stole an ambulance that had the keys still inside.
  • A standoff with a Florida man ended when SWAT brought him a slice of pizza. 

‘Flintstone House’ angers neighbors and town officials

  • A meteor exploded in Earth’s atmosphere last December and we just found out.
  • A racing pigeon was sold at an auction for $1.4 million.
  • A woman is being sued for putting up dinosaur statues at her ‘Flintstones’ inspired home.

What Did We Miss? A Disney-inspired town with 732 castles sits abandoned

  • A town in Turkey has over 700 castles and no inhabitants.
  • Two skiers and a snowboarder rappelled from a zeppelin.
  • Two crooks stole an ATM by towing it out a sports bar.

Man debates AI machine and wins

  • Man beats IBM in a debate.
  • BMS rider lands trick after jumping from helicopter.