What Did We Miss?

 Inmate falls through ceiling while trying to escape

  • A Canadian man opted to sell all of his possessions and live in a van.
  • A prisoner fell through the ceiling while trying to escape custody.
  • A cab driver helped an elderly woman who was being scammed.

Shredded Banksy art on display in museum

  • Banksy’s shredded artwork is now on display.
  • An airplane made an emergency landing on top of a parked car.
  • A man is charged with fraud after pretending to slip and fall at work.

 Super Bowl Edition

  • Meet a Rams mega fan.
  • Also, one couple met 30 years ago while making footballs.

Jetpack Racing League expected to launch this year

  • Jetpack Aviation announces an upcoming Jetpack Racing League.
  • A woman’s house is overrun with praying mantises.
  • Dunedin, New Zealand and Harlech, Wales are fighting over who has the steepest street.

Suit simulates feeling old

  • An aging suit makes the wearer feel old.
  • A pizza shop owner is suing another pizzeria for plagiarizing a pepperoni recipe.