What Did We Miss?

Grandpa plays Pokémon Go on 15 phones rigged to his bike

  • A Taiwanese Grandpa plays Pokémon Go with 15 phones attached to his bike.
  • Japanese cadets participated in “Topple the Pole” festival.
  • The first portrait made by artificial intelligence sold for $432,500.

Police recover stolen inflatable colon

Stories include:

  • Oleg “Tug-Tooth” Skavych pulled a 677-ton ship with his teeth.
  • Kansas City, MO police found a stolen $4000 inflatable colon.
  • Giant mechanical creatures roamed Toulouse, France.

The headless chicken monster and more undersea discoveries

Zach Hanner takes over to tell Wills about the fantastic beasts of the deep.

Canadian gets weed-in-car ticket one hour after legalization

Stories include:

  • Canada issued a marijuana fine almost immediately after legalization.
  • The 2nd Annual Teqball World Cup
  • Nebraska’s gets a brutally honest tourism campaign.

Man revives squirrel with CPR

Stories include:

  • Two prisoners escaped by being rolled out in trash cans.
  • A dormant geyser at Yellowstone Park erupted and spewed trash from the 1930s.
  • A Good Samaritan used CPR to revive a stunned squirrel.