What Did We Miss?

What Did We Miss during Hurricane Florence?

2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY and special recap of what happened during the hurricane

Police considering using Batman device

Stories include:

  • An extreme Vespa race in Indonesia
  • San Jose PD testing out the “BolaWrap”
  • the 96th annual Wisconsin Horseshoe Tournament

Cotton Candy Taco wins Texas State Fair award

Stories include:

  • A cell phone case can double as a stun gun.
  • The State Fair of Texas has a fair food competition.

Finnish skiers compete in swamp while wearing dresses

Stories include:

  • A company is selling lightweight RVs towed by bikes.
  • A look at the Finnish tradition of swamp skiing.
  • An 18-year-old solved 6 Rubik’s cubes underwater in one breath.

Woman receives poop in the mail

Stories include:

  • A Michigan woman received a mysterious package.
  • A professor in Texas dressed as a cockroach to speak to the city council.
  • A 5-year-old Sam Van Tassell is the new mutton busting champ!