What Did We Miss?

Grandma strangles rabid bobcat to death

Stories include:

  • Dede Phillips was attacked by a bobcat and killed it with her bare hands. Here’s the crowdfunding campaign to help her pay for rabies shots.
  • A New York restaurant is selling 24K gold chicken wings
  • There are several instances of bears getting stuck in cars.

Sheriff loses election, fires the deputy sheriff that beat him

  • A squad of fake cops was busted after impersonating police for three years.
  • A missing Air Force officer resurfaced after 35 years.
  • South Dakota Deputy Sheriff Mark Maggs was fired by the sheriff he beat in the election.

Wedding crasher steals newlyweds’ gifts

Stories include:

  • 76ers’ President might use secret twitter accounts to trash the team.
  • A Virginia woman crashed a wedding and then left with the presents.

Pot dispensary burglary was an inside job

Stories include:

  • Former dispensary employees made off with 70 pounds of pot.
  • Neil Gemmell is searching for the Loch Ness Monster’s DNA.
  • Gene Wagner is a 91-year-old hockey player.
  • Roman Marcotte is an 8-year-old hockey player.

Woman refuses to come down from tree for 11 hours

Stories include:

  • A Russian ad agency is offering to write fake TripAdvisor reviews for restaurants.
  • A New York judge ordered a 30-year-old man to move out of his parent’s house.
  • A woman climbed up a tree and would not come down for several hours.