What Did We Miss?

Angry customer throws chairs inside Subway

  • Rhode Island police are looking for a woman who threw chairs at a Subway sandwich shop.
  • Amazon unveils a new Ring cam that flies around your home. 
  • Jason Liversidge and Andy Jennings have set the new land speed records for the fastest wheelchair and fastest garbage can, respectively.

Truck hauling 260 kilos of meth crashes into police cars

  • Australian police caught a drug courier after he crashed into them.
  • A survey reveals 40% of smartphone owners would rather go a month without their dog than part with their phone.
  • Adam Hollingsworth a.k.a. the Dreadhead Cowboy shut down the Dan Ryan Expressway by riding a horse in rush hour.

Pilots at LAX report seeing a man in a jetpack

  • Japanese company, SkyDrive, has successfully tested their flying car.
  • Pilots at LAX reported seeing “a guy in a jetpack.” 
  • World’s Oldest Ironman, Hiromu Inada is training for the next competition at the age of 87.

Tokyo parks unveil transparent public bathrooms

  • Tokyo parks now feature public bathrooms with transparent walls.
  • Scientists in Washington State have successfully trapped murder hornets and hope to find their nest. 
  • A New York man faked his death certificate to avoid going to jail.

Tourist breaks toes off 200-year-old statue

  • An Austrian tourist broke the toes off a 200-year-old statue when he sat on it to take a picture.  
  • Scientists in Singapore have developed an artificial skin that can detect temperature, texture, and pain.  
  • Police in Maryland caught the culprit behind 6 bank robberies, a 71-year-old man.