What Did We Miss?

Man used prosthetic mask, fake IDs to steal $100,000 from casinos

  • A Michigan man stole from casino kiosks by wearing disguises and stealing IDs.
  • The Kalamazoo County Sheriff sent detectives to question a man that called him fat on Facebook.  
  • A Colorado State study reveals that women are more attracted to men who don’t own cats.

Former eBay employees charged with cyberstalking critic

  • eBay employees harassed a Massachusetts couple that wrote critical blogs about the company.
  • Fort Lauderdale police chased a runaway kangaroo.
  • Japanese company, Telexistence, has created a robot that will stock grocery shelves.

Boston Dynamics’ robot dog is now on sale

  • Spot, the robot dog, is now for sale at $74,500 each.
  • David Rush set a world record by chugging a liter of lime juice in 17.29 seconds.
  • A group of kids in Seattle held a Black Lives Matter rally to raise money for The Urban League.

Hidden treasure chest worth $1 million found in Rocky Mountains

  • Someone finally found the treasure chest that millionaire Forrest Fenn hid. 
  • Samsung is releasing a smartwatch app that helps you wash your hands.
  • A California school district used a ski lift for a socially distant graduation. 

Monkeys steal coronavirus blood samples from hospital in India

  • A Romanian shoemaker had made European size 75 shoes to assist with social distancing.
  • Clowns, mascots, and street performers were arrested in Peru for violating the stay-at-home order.
  • Monkeys in India attacked a hospital lab worker and stole positive coronavirus blood samples.