What Did We Miss?

Bill Gates steps down from Microsoft’s Board

What Did We Miss about coronavirus?

  • An Australian pilot sky writes “Wash HANDS”.
  • A pre-K teacher’s demonstration on why you should wash your hands went viral.
  • Quarantined people in Italy lift each other’s spirits by singing from their balconies and windows.

College basketball game ends with two insane buzzer beaters

  • Grace College tied the game with a half-court buzzer beater but Taylor University sunk it from across the court.
  •  Jackson State student manager “Snacks” steals the show in his first game.
  •  A police chase in Australia ended when the suspect was tackled by a dog walker.

Man offers $25,000 to whoever can find him a girlfriend

  •  Jeff Gebhart will give you $25K if you find him a mate.
  •  Scientists have found the fossils of a car-sized turtle.
  • An Ohio inmate fell from the ceiling while trying to escape.

Man lights joint in court while facing marijuana charges

  • A Tennessee man lit a joint while on trial for drug possession.
  • A pet duck has gone viral for its drumming skills.
  • A San Francisco parking spot is on sale for $100,000.