What Did We Miss?

Candlelight vigil held for burned-down Taco Bell

Stories include:

  • A viral ASMR video helps viewers feel relaxed.
  • Citizens in Montgomery, Alabama held a vigil to remember their lost Taco Bell.
  • The Pope performed an impromptu wedding ceremony for two flight attendants mid-flight.

Man declared dead snores right before autopsy

Stories include:

  • Knights in full armor compete in medieval tournament.
  • A massive indoor water park opens in Texas.
  • Gonzalo Jiménez’s autopsy was halted when he was heard snoring.

Cleveland Browns fans celebrate 0-16 season with parade

Stories include:

  • Cleveland Browns fans threw a parade to protest their team’s winless season.
  • A criminal got locked in the store he was trying to rob.
  • A Cleveland town is so overrun with aggressive turkeys that the post office stopped service.

Best of 2017

We asked you to vote for your favorite stories of 2017! Here are the top 3!

“Harambe Kong” video game sparks controversy

Stories include:

  • San Francisco police received a bazooka-style rocket launcher at a gun buyback event.
  • New arcade game is based on Harambe, the ape that was shot at the Cincinnati Zoo.
  • Candytopia is a pop-up art exhibit where all of the pieces are made out of candy.

Man tightrope walks across the Tiber River

Stories include:

  • Andrea Loreni tightrope walked the width of the Tiber River.
  • A couple in Colorado was targeted by a scammer pretending to be a part of the show Property Brothers.
  • A drunk driver in New Jersey did not notice the traffic sign sticking through the sunroof of her car.