What Did We Miss?

Scientists discover four new species of walking sharks

  • Two stuntmen on jetpacks flew through “Heaven’s Gate” in China.
  • Disneyland is charging visitors $11 to use sporks.
  • Scientists discover new species of walking sharks.

$2000 shark decoration stolen from lawn

  • A Nebraska man’s $2000 shark ornament was stolen and returned.
  • A “jinxed” Chiefs fan left their playoff game and triggered their comeback.
  • A Best Buy employee’s viral tackle of a shoplifter has caught the attention of the Women’s Football League Association.

Store manager catches baby falling off counter

  • A store manager caught a baby as it was falling off the counter.
  • Scientists in Argentina have discovered two new species.
  • Video caught an eagle fighting with an octopus.

Best of 2019

Dogs are stealing cars now

  • A Russian artist created a portrait with 40,000 bread cubes.
  • A dog in Florida set their owner’s car in reverse and did donuts until the police arrived.
  • A dog in Louisiana set their owner’s car in reverse and made it safely across 4 lanes of traffic.