What Did We Miss?

Restaurant owner sprays reporter with hose

  • The Kansas State Fair holds a celebrity goat milking contest.
  • South African marathoners ran with saplings on their back to promote planting native trees.
  • A restaurant owner sprayed a reporter with a hose to avoid answering questions about his failed health inspector. 

Longhorn storms into building

  • A longhorn dashed into a bank.
  • Two thieves stole a bitcoin ATM.
  • A man built a giant motorized shopping cart.

New Jersey home stalked by “The Watcher” sold

French inventor crosses the English Channel on hoverboard

  • Franky Zapata flew across the English Channel on his Flyboard Air.
  • NC Board of Elections chairman Robert Cordle resigned after telling an inappropriate joke.
  • TSA found a missile launcher in a checked bag.

79-year-old woman sentenced to jail for feeding stray cats

  • A Nebraska woman confused a statue of Spider-Man for a demonic symbol.
  • Nancy Segula of Ohio has been sentenced to 10 days in jail for feeding stray cats.
  • A bear stole a dumpster from the back of a pot dispensary.