What Did We Miss?

First-ever Heavy Metal Knitting Championship held in Finland

  • Finland hosted the Heavy Metal Knitting Championship.
  • Thailand farmers raced their buffaloes.
  • A minor league all-star game used a robot umpire.

Air Force warns people not to raid Area 51

  • A joke plan to storm Area 51 has gotten the U.S.’s attention.
  • A Missouri man threw a birthday party for a pothole.
  • Tennessee police warns flushing drugs down the toilet could create meth gators.

4-year-old steals car to go get candy

  • Crusoe Treasure ages their wine underwater.
  • Uber unveils designs for their flying taxi.
  • A 4-year-old drove his great grandfather’s car to get candy.

Police Department unveils new ‘Robocop’

  • Huntington Park, CA introduced a robot patrol officer.
  • André 3000 was spotted playing a double flute at LAX.
  • Ikea will send a contest winner on a trip to Denmark to study happiness.

Lock of Beethoven’s hair sells for over $44,000

  • Beethoven’s hair went up for auction at Sotheby’s.
  • Walmart will now deliver food to your fridge.
  • Japan has a series of office chair racing events.