Late Fear

Tonight at 8! Late Fear turns 3!


Tonight I’m going to celebrate 3 years of the greatest honor of my life. I love hosting this show and tonight is going to be amazing. Late Fear is Wilmington’s Late Night Talk Show and we make sure each episode has incredible guests.

Tonight we’ll have local poets The 5th Horseman and Israel! They’ll join me at the desk to talk about their upcoming Black nerd podcast. Ryan Higgins is coming in from Raleigh to with some stellar stand-up. Returning to the show is Volume! This band is awesome and you can catch their last performance here.

This show is free! I’ll be joined by co-host Jonathan Schwartz and house band D&D Sluggers!

Thank you all for supporting this for 3 years or less. Here’s a look back on our 3 years set to frequent guest, Griffin Limerick’s “Concrete Sky”


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