What Did We Miss?

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Best of 2020

Viewers voted and chose their favorite stories of 2020.

Does the pandemic affect Santa?

  • Grown-ups convince us Santa will still be able to work.
  • KFC unveils a gaming console.

Scientists discover nightmare planet that’s covered in lava and rains rocks

  • Scientists have new details on K2-141b, an exoplanet with lava oceans.
  • The SoundBeamer is a new device that sends sound directly to your head without headphones.
  • A Kenosha 4th-grader spoke at a school board meeting to request more recess time.

Poo turned into electricity at Australian power plant

  • The citizens of Asbestos, Quebec voted to change the town’s name.
  • An Australian power plant uses human waste to generate energy. 
  • A hyper-realistic robot dolphin could replace real ones in captivity.

Nigerian artist uses fabric scraps to make portraits

  • Three men fell off a boat causing it to speed right into a Florida dock. 
  • Construction workers in Kansas found a mammoth tusk, possibly millions of years old.
  • Nigerian artist Marcellina Akpojotor takes scraps of Ankara fabric and makes portraits.