What Did We Miss?

Every Thursday Wills goes on WWAY News and reports the strange and offbeat stories they didn’t cover. Check out this comedy segment every Thursday at 6:30am on Good Morning Carolina and News at 11 and Fridays on the 10pm CW News.

The headless chicken monster and more undersea discoveries

Zach Hanner takes over to tell Wills about the fantastic beasts of the deep.

Canadian gets weed-in-car ticket one hour after legalization

Stories include:

  • Canada issued a marijuana fine almost immediately after legalization.
  • The 2nd Annual Teqball World Cup
  • Nebraska’s gets a brutally honest tourism campaign.


Man revives squirrel with CPR

Stories include:

  • Two prisoners escaped by being rolled out in trash cans.
  • A dormant geyser at Yellowstone Park erupted and spewed trash from the 1930s.
  • A Good Samaritan used CPR to revive a stunned squirrel.

What Did We Miss during Hurricane Florence?

2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY and special recap of what happened during the hurricane

Police considering using Batman device

Stories include:

  • An extreme Vespa race in Indonesia
  • San Jose PD testing out the “BolaWrap”
  • the 96th annual Wisconsin Horseshoe Tournament

Cotton Candy Taco wins Texas State Fair award

Stories include:

  • A cell phone case can double as a stun gun.
  • The State Fair of Texas has a fair food competition.

Finnish skiers compete in swamp while wearing dresses

Stories include:

  • A company is selling lightweight RVs towed by bikes.
  • A look at the Finnish tradition of swamp skiing.
  • An 18-year-old solved 6 Rubik’s cubes underwater in one breath.

Woman receives poop in the mail

Stories include:

  • A Michigan woman received a mysterious package.
  • A professor in Texas dressed as a cockroach to speak to the city council.
  • A 5-year-old Sam Van Tassell is the new mutton busting champ!