I’m headlining the Dead Crow Comedy Room!



I am beyond excited to kick off Dead Crow’s locals weekend this year. I will be headlining the show Friday, December 28th at 7:00 p.m.

It’s an honor to headline but what has me even more excited are the other comics on the lineup. The always hilarious Deshawn Mason will be coming in from Charleston to feature. My good friend and “Late Fear” co-host, Jonathan Schwartz, will be performing AND Feliz Nadeau will be kicking things off.  That’s a lot of talent. I’ll likely just end the show when they’re done because honestly, what’s the point?

I cannot wait for this show. I’d wish it was happening sooner were it not for the considerable marketing push I still need to do. I’ll see you on December 28th!


Have a Good Time for a Good Cause

The Primetime Variety Show is raising money for WARM (Wilmington Area Rebuilding Ministry)! WARM helps low-income homeowners with house repairs and accessibility updates. They gather resources and an army of volunteers to do good work in the community.

Primetime is a monthly variety show at TheatreNOW. Our featured artists this month are comedians Cordero Wilson and Lew Morgante, spoken word artist Israel and rapper Ken X! There’s also an open mic sign-up and all artists are welcome to perform.

The show is Wednesday, October 24th at TheatreNOW. Visit to learn more about their mission and how to help them. Tickets for the show are available HERE!

Late Fear

Late Fear Ends its Run on January 25th

Our next episode of Late Fear is January 25th at TheatreNOW and it will be our series finale. I have loved hosting this show. I’ve wanted to host a talk show since I was nine. I’ll be sad to end this adventure but at the moment I’m mostly in awe that I got to do this at all.

Thank you so much to all of the wonderful guests we’ve had on the show. You’re all the reason that I created it. It’s given me a lot of satisfaction to present your comedy, poetry, music or to just sit across from you at the desk and share your special project.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the show. Your viewership, in person and online, has been greatly appreciated. The good news is that with the live shows coming to an end you are about to receive a ridiculous amount of online content with full episodes and clips.

Thank you to Timmy Sherrill and Cole Craven for giving me this opportunity to do something unique when we created the show at Dead Crow. Thank you to Zach Hanner for opening doors to TheatreNOW for me and just generally having my back.

This show would not have been possible without all of the amazing comics who contributed sketches, jokes, and original improv games. My “Not-Rowdy-For-Midnight Players” of Lydia Manning, Drew Harrison, Cordero Wilson, Jordan Bench, Troy Coleman, Louis Bishop, Timmy Booth, Matt White, Colton DeMonte, Tyler Wood and Harper Turek. I’m certain I’ll work with each of you again and that excites me. We benefited from having two awesome one-man house bands. Thank you to David DiMuro for developing the show with me and to D&D Sluggers for making this last year so much fun.

Andrew Bunting is the best videographer in Wilmington. I love working with him. Please hire him because this blog post is how he’s finding out he’s been laid off.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better partner or friend than Jonathan Schwartz. So don’t. Just find Jonathan Schwartz and make him your friend and partner. You won’t be sorry.

Thank you all. I’m Wills Maxwell and this is what I wanted to do when I grew up.

Late Fear

Tonight at 8! Late Fear turns 3!


Tonight I’m going to celebrate 3 years of the greatest honor of my life. I love hosting this show and tonight is going to be amazing. Late Fear is Wilmington’s Late Night Talk Show and we make sure each episode has incredible guests.

Tonight we’ll have local poets The 5th Horseman and Israel! They’ll join me at the desk to talk about their upcoming Black nerd podcast. Ryan Higgins is coming in from Raleigh to with some stellar stand-up. Returning to the show is Volume! This band is awesome and you can catch their last performance here.

This show is free! I’ll be joined by co-host Jonathan Schwartz and house band D&D Sluggers!

Thank you all for supporting this for 3 years or less. Here’s a look back on our 3 years set to frequent guest, Griffin Limerick’s “Concrete Sky”