What Did We Miss?

Vote For Your Favorite “What Did We Miss?” Story in 2017

Thank you for supporting “What Did We Miss?” in 2017! Vote for what stories you want to be featured in the “Best of” segment that will air on WWAY Thursday at 6:30am, 11pm and on the CW Friday at 10pm.  Clips are listed below.


Passengers get off flight because pilot starts ranting (2/16)

Defense lawyer’s pants catch on fire (3/16)

Charlie Chaplin look-a-like contest (4/20)

Educator uses hip-hop to teach biology (4/20)

Principal creates “smash space” for teachers (5/4)

Mom pulls gun on son’s barber (5/11)

Dr. Seuss museum opens (6/8)

LAPD teen cadets steal police cars (6/22)

Machine remixes songs into drinks (7/6)

Taco Bell customer trashes  restaurant in tantrum (7/20)

World’s largest bouncy house (8/10)

McDonald’s sells their last McPizza (9/14)

Teen destroys gas station with forklift (9/21)

Giant puppets roam the streets of Geneva (10/5)

Cop Shoots at actor mistaking him for robber (10/12)

Flat earth conference (11/23)

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