The Podcast with Wills Maxwell Jr.

Introducing… The Podcast with Wills Maxwell Jr.

Episode 0 with Joe LeFevre The Podcast with Wills Maxwell Jr.

In this episode before the inaugural episode, Wills and co-host JR Quitman welcome verbal firecracker Joe LeFevre in this test episode!!  Listen to them talk about the royal family, Space Jam 2 and more before finally getting to what they came to talk about:  Best Moments from "Lean on Me"!

I’m excited to introduce a brand-new podcast! And it’s already out! “The Podcast with Wills Maxwell Jr.” is an aptly named podcast about whatever my guests and I feel like talking about at the moment.

Twice a month, I welcome a variety of guests to join me in a roundtable discussion, without the roundtable. Joe LeFevre joined for the episode before the first episode and the man is relentlessly funny. Check out this episode and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.

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