What Did We Miss?

What Did We Miss? Climate activist tackled at Paris fashion show

Every week, I go on WWAY News and give a comedic report on the weird or obscure news stories that need more attention. This week’s stories are:

  • A climate change activist took to the runway at the Louis Vuitton fashion show.
  • A new statue in Jersey City features a woman in a  “shushing” pose. 
  • An 81-year-old skateboarder just picked up the sport 2 years ago.

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How goes it? I’m Wills Maxwell Jr. and this is “What Did We Miss?” Here I tell you the stories you might have missed. Don’t worry, you never needed to know them.

First up, we take a look at the Louis Vuitton show during Paris’ Fashion Week and not just because I’m known for being trendy. The show took an unexpected turn when an activist came down the catwalk holding a banner to protest overconsumption and its effects on the environment.I know she doesn’t belong but, that’s a pretty good runway strut. I mean, Tyra might have some notes about how she’s not smizing isn’t compensating for the face mask but seriously, 7/10. The protester was trying to sashay away when security intercepted her.Why tackle her on the way back. First off, we read the message already. Damage done. Next, she’s leaving. You’re just making her exit take longer. This man is if “And stay out!” was a person. The activist was thrown into the street while two of her accomplices were arrested. They were released and had their cases thrown out because the courts don’t recognize the authority of the fashion police.

Residents in Jersey City can’t stop talking about the new art installation along the Hudson River. “Water’s Soul” by James Plensa features the head of a woman holding up her finger in a shushing pose. The 80-foot librarian is meant to encourage people to be still and self-reflect.Plensa said he hopes the sculpture becomes an icon for Jersey City and quote “acts to unite the City of Jersey City and New York City” The only problem is, it’s facing across the river and aimed at Manhattan. With respect, have you ever tried to tell a New Yorker to be quiet? For my New Yorkers who got mad at that joke, I want to point out… you just yelled at your TV. Just now, someone shouted “Hey! I’m not loud!” This statue is about to end up so deep in the Hudson, Chesley Sullenberger won’t be able to save it.

A 20-story skyscraper in Sweden is made entirely out of wood. “Fine by me!” says the Big Bad Wolf.

Meet Yoshio Kinoshita. This avid skateboarder is learning new tricks and just started skateboarding 2 years ago, when he was a spry 79-years-old. He’s 81. This man is literally older than skateboards. I know, I Binged it up. Kinoshita began skateboarding after he randomly bought a board he saw on sale. None of my impulse purchases ever flourished into new and fascinating skills. No one wants to see all of the things I can do with snuggie. Lie down, mostly. Mostly, lie down… and not even for long. I have to readjust. Yoshio recommends skateboarding as an excellent activity for senior citizens to combat dementia and I recommend literally anything you don’t need to wear a helmet for.

I’m Wills Maxwell Jr. and that’s what we missed.

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